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The Technology Behind Entropia Universe

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What is Entropia Platform?

The Entropia Platform offers access to one of the most advanced Internet interaction venues available today. Entropia Platform gives our licensed business partners, called Planet Partners, the opportunity to create entirely new worlds, planets, in Entropia Universe.

The Entropia Platform allows for Planet Partners to create a 3D environment, incorporating their own graphical identity. The world is flexible and dynamic; environments can be redesigned or expanded as needed and tailored to suit the interests of any target demographic. Participants are allowed to interact in an environment where the virtual and real world connect at a surprising level of detail.


Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a unique blend of online-based entertainment, e-commerce and social interaction where participants from all over the world can meet and participate in a variety of activities that provide them with the potential for earning money while they play.

Read more about the planets and game-play on the Entropia Universe official site: www.entropiauniverse.com
The Entropia Universe Client software can be downloaded for free, and kept without monthly subscritption fees.


Planet Partners

Since 1999 MindArk has invested over 120 million USD to develop Entropia Universe and the Entropia Platform.

MindArk has an uncomplicated, yet effective business model. It is based on the fact that both MindArk and the Planet Partner brings something to the table in order to create a new flourishing interactive environment together - a new unique planet in Entropia Universe. Once the planet is up and running, MindArk and the licensed Planet Partner, shares both the cost and revenue generated by the new planet.

In the collaboration, where both parties contribute to the creation of a planet, MindArk provides the technology through Entropia Platform, know-how and a proven income model and the Planet Partners contribute with creativity, content and a budget for operations (incl license fee), marketing and other activities.


To contact Mindark PE AB regarding Entropia Platform please send an email to planetpartner@mindark.com