Much effort and care has been put into the development of realistic avatars. The technological
development of avatar appearances ranges from adding and improving small details making each avatar unique to improving the handling of large crowds of avatars

The look and feel of the avatar is of great importance to the participants. In Entropia Universe, the avatars are highly customizable on an individual level. Participants can design their avatar with dynamic tools, ranging from hairdressing, detailed body parts shaping, garment coloring and real time makeup application usage. The participants can even use their own artistic ability and design the appearance with a drawing pad.

All avatars begin at the same level with equal opportunities to develop a personality, skills and even a career within the virtual world. An avatar carries over two hundred attributes including strength, stamina, intelligence and flexibility. The attributes and skills are enhanced and improved by using them. In this way, the characteristics of the avatar develop individually, depending on the users ’ interests and which activities they choose to pursue in the virtual world.