New Planetary System Discovered in Entropia Universe

- Dawn of a New Era

MindArk´s vision is to create a 3D virtual universe on the Internet with a variety of entertainment, social interaction and e-commerce opportunities.

It all started in the early 1990’s with an idea that MindArk's founder and CEO, Jan Welter Timkrans had regarding the realization of virtual reality. For several years the concept was developed in theory. In 1999 MindArk was founded to create the technology platform for a 3D virtual universe on the Internet.

Since the launch of Project Entropia with its single planet “Calypso” in 2003, MindArk has strived to realize this vision. Its successful business model made MindArk reach break-even in 2004 and has continued to grow.

Renamed as Entropia Universe in 2006 - the planet Calypso now included an asteroid and a space station in its orbit - MindArk was earnestly involved in transforming its business model, organization and technology to support extra planetary systems to be developed by external partners using the Entropia Platform technology.

Today marks a great milestone in this journey – a second planetary system has now been discovered. “Rocktropia” is a themed adventure planet for music fans, developed by Neverdie Studios of Los Angeles using the Entropia Platform. “Rocktropia” is available to all citizens of Entropia Universe, old as well as new.

MindArk is looking to the future with anticipation and with several additional planets in production the coming years will be very exciting. The launch of Rocktropia is only the beginning.

Entropia Universe – Past and Present

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” -Dr. Carl Sagan

As a virtual universe, Entropia has a fantastic history. A strategy of regular updates since the beginning has seen the introduction of many new content systems and product development: avatars and interfaces have been revamped; graphics updated, and much more as you can see from this short clip visualizing Entropia’s evolution.

Future Expectations

The launch of Rocktropia marks the readiness of the Entropia Platform, and is also an invitation to new Planet Partners around the world to create planets. MindArk’s work efforts will be focused towards implementing new and entertaining game play systems for all of Entropia Universe to create an enjoyable environment for both partners and participants.

Historical Highlights

During the seven years since the inception of the virtual universe MindArk has been honored by several awards, and proud to participate in a range of events. Some highlights include:

  • Public Launch
    In 2003: the public launch of Project Entropia (today’s Entropia Universe).
  • Nobel Dinner Party – Nobel Night Cap 2006
    MindArk was honored to participate in the Nobel Prize ceremonies where scenes from a live virtual party in Entropia Universe were projected onto walls of the real party in Stockholm.
  • Best Original Game
    Entropia Universe was deemed “Best Original Game” at the “E For All” Expo in Los Angeles 2007.
  • Göteborg Company Award
    In 2007 MindArk receives recognition in its home town of Goteborg, Sweden for supporting industry development.
  • Invitation to the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress
    In 2007 MindArk was invited to the Congress of the United States to share its insight into the emergence of virtual worlds and their impact on society.
  • Entrepreneurs Magazine Recognition
    In 2009 MindArk made the Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies list.
  • Guinness World Records Book
    Entropia Universe was featured in the Guinness World Records Book for the first time when a 22-year-old gamer bought a virtual real estate for 26 500 USD in 2004. Since then several expensive virtual objects have been purchased in Entropia Universe, surpassing old records set. The two latest ones are Crystal Palace Space Station, sold in December 2009 for 330 000 USD, and a Virtual Egg, sold in February 2010 for a stunning 69 696 USD.

Together with our participants we look forward to many exciting and rewarding times ahead for the place we call our home – Entropia Universe.

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