Entropia Platform

The Entropia Platform offers access to one of the most advanced Internet interaction venues available today. It gives our licensed business partners, called Planet Partners, the opportunity to create entirely new worlds, planets, in Entropia Universe. The Planet Partners can choose from an unlimited range of content themes and activities to fill their planets. Some of the themes in production by Planet Partners right now are shopping, games, social interaction and music. 

The Entropia Platform allows for Planet Partners to create a 3D environment, incorporating their own graphical identity. The world is flexible and dynamic; environments can be redesigned or expanded as needed and tailored to suit the interests of any target demographic. Participants are allowed to interact in an environment where the virtual and real world connect at a surprising level of detail. The Entropia Universe even has its own currency, Project Entropia Dollars (PED) that is pegged to the US Dollar and MindArk guaranteeing the value.
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